Week 21 – You fix the man and the world is fixed.

I love learning through stories. This one most of us has heard or has told it ourselves.

There once was a very busy father looking after his five year old son at home. The father had some very important work to do and did not have time to keep his young son busy while it was raining outside. So he tried some things to keep the son occupied but it did not last long and the son was back looking for the attention of the father.

So as a last resort the father found a picture of the world in a magazine and decided to tear it into small peaces to create a puzzle for his son to put together. The father thought that this will keep him busy for the rest of the day and promised the son that once the world is fixed they will go and play.

Well within a few minutes the son was back smiling waiting for his father to go and play. The father was shocked and with disbelief followed his son to the living room glass table and was amazed to find the picture of the world was perfectly put together.

The father could not belief or comprehend what has taken place. There was no way his son of five could finish the puzzle by himself so quickly. The father sat down and asked his son how he did it. “Daddy” his son replied “ please lie down next to me on the carpet.” So reluctantly the father did as he was asked. As soon as he looked up from under the glass table there was a picture of a man face on the back of the picture of the world. The son said “You fix the man and the world is fixed.” The wisdom that the son stumbled on that day has changed the life of the father as well as many others.

So how is this related to my journey in week 21 of the MKMMA Course? It relates to the two questions that was asked in the movie I am by Tom Shadyac that I watched in week 19. The questions that are asked are;

What’s wrong with our world? What can we do about it?”

The answers that Tom Shadyac found is shared with us in his life changing documentary and I attach a preview thereof below and recommend it to everyone.

Let us get back to the story. To fix the world you need to fix the man! What a profound retaliation. I have been trying to fix the world or the people around me, not realizing that I need to fix me and the rest will take care of itself. One of the aspects that needs to be expand when working on yourself is your self created comfort zone. The thoughts and emotions that keeps you from achieving your desires/dreams.

As part of week 21 Markj and his team asked us to Mastermind and post our comments on “How can we use fear, Hurt Feelings, Anger, Guilty and Unworthiness to expand our comfort zone.”

Wow they are tools? They can be gifts in disguise? Something to think about.

I always thought that I was responsible for other peoples feelings and to ensure that I do not hurt them in any way. Well how wrong could I have been. One of the members of our MKMMA group, Tammy Adams, posted her comments regarding Hurt Feelings and got this response from one of awesome guides Trish.

What if you knew the only person’s feelings you were responsible for were your own? What would you do? How would you act? How would you feel?

This is a game changer for me and I trust for you to!


2 thoughts on “Week 21 – You fix the man and the world is fixed.”

  1. Thank you for this. I often forget, I can’t fix others. As if being responsible for myself isn’t enough to do.
    I still haven’t seen this movie documentary. Looks like ( since its on Netflix) I’ll be watching it this week.


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