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South African Couple Interviewed by the editor of Success Magazine – Darren Hardy

Irma Green – The Lowvelder Posted: Thursday, February 28, 2019

What a buzz of excitement when the private jet touched down on the secluded airstrip on the privately owned game reserve this morning.  As Darren Hardy emerge from the his jet and got his first look at this beautiful landscape I knew that I have been invited to something very special.

Tobie and Magda Steyn was waiting for him at the bottom of the steps with a warm South African welcome.

After the formalities of introduction were finish we were all transported back to the luxurious bush lodge on the two air conditioned game drive vehicles for the private interview.


I was one of only a few journalist that had the privilege to be invited to this very special place for this extraordinary interview. Both Tobie and his beautiful wife Magda, who Tobie always refer to as his best friend and soul mate, were not interested in lots of attention and wanted Darren and his crew to experience the heart of the African bush and enjoy the peace and tranquility that the couple created for themselves.

The interview was set up on one of the wooden desk over looking the beautiful game reserve.


“What a awesome privilege to live so close to nature and to wake up to this spectacular view”, Darren shared as he started the interview.

Thank you Darren.” Tobie said. “We both think this is the most beautiful place on the planet and we dearly love it hear. I want to thank you and your crew Darren it is a great privilege to have you as our guests on our place of magic in Africa and I want to thank you for traveling all this way to interview us.

“Now Tobie, tell me, I was made to understand that you have just returned from an awesome trip that took you half way around the world.” Tobie smiled and looked lovely at Magda. “We had the tremendous opportunity to be invited by our organization across the globe to speak at their freedom weekend celebrations to a pack stadium of six thousand people and share our life story.


“Darren” Magda said. “What an awesome experience to stand in front of sixty thousand people as they call out our names. If you told me 4 years ago that Tobie and I will be interviewed by you, have an opportunity to speak to a stadium full of people that we helped to help themselves and live our dream on our own private game reserve in South Africa, I would have said you are joking. But that is how dreams come true.”

“Tobie and Magda.” Darren said. “It sounds as if you have an amazing story to tell?”

Tobie look lovely at Magda and with her eyes tearing up a bit. She composes herself. Tobie said. It all started hear on this very same wooden deck in 1998 when I had the privilege to spend the weekend at this beautiful lodge and as I  stood this deck thinking to myself “One day this will be my life.”

Tobie started their life story. “After my first visit to this peace of heaven the years went by very quickly and during 2012 I was diagnosed with a medical condition for which my doctor could find no cure. I was referred to numerous specialists without success and I needed to take different courses of antibiotics every three weeks.

My general health deteriorated to such an extent that during December 2012 I had to return to my doctor twice for medication. On the 07th January 2013 when I was fell ill again I wanted answers.

A very close friend of mine referred me to Dr. Charl Marais in Nelspruit that specializes in natural remedies. I immediately made an appointment with him and after my first consultation I found the answers I was looking for. Dr. Marais referred me the company specializing in the manufacturing of 100% natural products and prescribed a group of the products manufactured by this company for my health.

Within the first month of using this all natural products my health condition turned around and by month three my body started to recover. I started to investigating the company and I found that they had a unique technology called that assisted the body on cellular level to heal itself.

The company discovered what was missing from our normal diet because of the conventional farming method as well as air, water and ground pollution that causes most of the current serious medical conditions such as cancer, diabetics, asthma, heart attacks to name but a few.

Once I realized the benefit to my health I decided to also start my whole family on the products and since April 2013 none of us had and y serious illness. This meant that our medical expenses decreased, no more sick leave at work and our general mental health regarding dealing with the stress at work increased.

I also discovered that there was an opportunity to make a big difference in the lives of children that are diagnosed with malnutrition. I discovered that 5 million children under the age of 5 years die of malnutrition each year somewhere in the world. That means one child dies every 6 seconds.

The company has taken up the challenge to eradicate malnutrition under these children with their project that stared in September 2013. They have develop a natural product that one adds to the food of these children that adds all of the nutrients that the body of the child needs to fight malnutrition.

Their mission was to combat malnutrition through their project of donation through consumption which meant that every time somebody buy a product for personal use the company donates and sponsors a child for a month with the relevant product.

Magda and I realized that every time we purchased our products for personal use we helped the company to feed a child for a month with all the nutrients that the body of the child needs to fight malnutrition. What an awesome concept.


As Darren and I was listening to each word Tobie was saying I could see Magda and Tobie becoming very emotional. They are passionate about this cause.

Magda was the first to compose herself and continue. “It all started for us with an idea that was conceptualize during the excellent Executive Coaching Course developed by David Wilkinson and James Rice as well as the fantastic MKMMA Course of 2014 developed by Mark j and his awesome team that Tobie attended after receiving his Pay It Forward Scholarship.

The idea was to save 60 000 children from malnutrition all around from the 28th February 2019 or before. What a noble idea, most people said in the beginning and the word impossible was heard by us numerous times.”

Well.” Tobie continued. “We just smiled and changed it to I’m possible.

In the beginning the vision was vague and out of focus, yet the more we persisted and the more we shared the idea with love and passion, the more the vision come into focus.

To save 60 000 children we had to create our own action plan. The first thing we had to do was to surrender completely to the idea that the Creator was our most important partner and every thing we did or accomplice was for His glory.

Secondly we needed to learn to master our minds and direct it to what every we desired. This was where the Executive Coaching Course as well as the MKMMA Course of 2014 helped a lot. We needed to know the knowledge of our power. Once we mastered that we needed to dare. Which meant we had to take a huge leap of faith and we had to have faith to do continues action until the realization of our worthwhile dream.

Next we also needed the help of other people, our partners.”

Tobie stopped with a smile. “Divine intervention.” Magda said as she continued. “One night in October 2014 Tobie was woken up by the thought ‘build it in 8’. We needed 8 partners to help us. So we went to work and created a network of people with our 8 extraordinary partners.

With the grace of God we were very quickly introduced to our 8 partners and so our journey began. Together as a team we were blessed and created an origination in 4 years that span the globe with more that 60 000 people in our business.

Together we helped each of our members in our organization to find God in their life’s, help them help themselves to discover their Definite Major Purpose in life, accumulated financial wealth and true health and to truly live their dreams.

By changing the life’s of 60 000 children, one child at a time, we were blessed to help change the world for 60 000 people.

Our journey has just started come and join us and Live for Real.



7 thoughts on “Press Release”

  1. Wow, very alive and real! The pictures are also awesome and perfectly reflect the dream come true. If you have a list of guests to invite in your beautiful lodge, I would be honored to have my name on it!

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  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment kindly on the start of my press release. It’s greatly appreciated and there will be a few special guests invited to be part of the interview and it will be our honor and privilege to have your name as part thereof.

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